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my name is Frank

I feel you understand! I came to feel yo





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In private Chapter II

Murong Chaplain, male, 26-year-old, unmarried, hereditary First MIRACLES Hou. Fine fencing, a massive. Others in背地have said

He Kyoto for the first Playboy.

After he heard, not only the meaning of even that are not angry, but seemed to feel very happy.

"Three generations of officials, know how to dress for dinner only." He said: "To make a No. 1 of Playboy, not everyone

Do that.

Although it is still not yet winter, Xuange has raised the fire, the windows were shut, all sides in the Yan-Yan, have even the slightest wind is not blowing


Murong briefing Chaplain do not like.

"Some people can briefing, and some people can not." He said: "I can not briefing is a natural person, God gave me this

Body skin is not my briefing, all those good wind blowing left to others! I think it is best to stay in the house, drinking alcohol一盅

Wine, song to sing new lyrics to a漂漂Liangliang little girl, just to一瓢good orange peel, white-snow Sprinkle point Wu

Salt, Hello to my mouth go, and this way I will live longer. "

These are the famous Murong Xiao Hou, no one doubted him, because he is indeed such a person is born. Old

God gave birth to his day, good rubber is to want him to enjoy all kinds of soft liquor-Americans this human world, the high position and great wealth, he should be born like rubber

The much better luck than others.


铜炉on偎着a pot of sweet-scented osmanthus lotus seeds Ginkgo porridge, Qingxiang diffuse the Xuange.

Murong yung SMARTY Chaplain gradually wear pieces of pure silk robes,赤着脚stand in the Persian King gave him wool carpet, slowly

The superintendent of time to drink a cup of wine enamel colors, fly back to a disturbed state of mind four years ago is already a beautiful summer night.

Then one night he is the never never forget.

He never never forget, that alone泛舟in粼粼Green Wave on the same mystery of the white women.

Of course, he also never forget that night of myeloid Ogata Touching, 10,000 kinds of gentleness.

Unfortunately, when he woke up, she had already left. The rubber is like a dream disappeared in his mind, he took away the close

A Yupai have left to his infinite yearning.

Outside the small courtyard Xuange sounded in the footsteps of a minor, in the autumn wind in the lower Indus seems v. Acacia.

Murong Chaplain to sit down, sit Kum case ago, "Zheng Cong," the voiceless a household. Xuange opened the door, as a US You

Ling-like white women, with the wind drift outside the previous one.

-- Is she, she really has emerged.

Murong deliberately not look at the Chaplain her, but they are heart-strings, like rubber kept fibrillation.

-- Occasionally reunite, occasionally meet Gathering and Scattering between the original Like a Dream.

Because of dreams, because dreams.

She also used the table for their crystal CHEERFUL BOY, go out of a cup of Persian wine, the quietly watching his. Listen to his rounds, listen

His singing.

-- The human world all things, and because the dream of Health, because dreams and eliminate. Dream?

"Fierce-looking," the sound of String suddenly cut off,琴声sudden absolutely, Amberpack lonely.

After a long long time before he raised his head to see her.

"You? You come." He said.

"Of course I was, of course, I come."

"But I remember that you have already gone."

He said: "I remember when you walk, like not even a single word left, a living have not said."

"As to go, what else can be said."

Murong Chaplain looking as if it their own eyes into a knife, into her into the heart.

"Since it has been taking, how can we need to come back." He asked for dreams.

"Because of a word."

"What then?"

"I still remember that you have promised me something to the future as long as I come to you, you will definitely help me to do." Dream asked for rebuilding

Yung: "Do you still remember do not remember?"

Murong remember Chaplain course.

On that occasion he occasionally traveled West Lake, occasionally met her, occasionally gathering. Although only called before, but this evening between the dreams of countless love

Few worry about countless.

"I remember that." He said: "I have said to you every sentence, I will remember that."

"Did you also said, If a person agreed to others is one thing, as if a debt owed by?" She asked Murong



"I remember that you said, I also believe that, so today I will to."

Murong blade Chaplain with the eyes瞪着her: "Do you want me today is to repay their debts?"

His answer is simple and direct.


"Do you still want me how?"

"I have heard that the world's most terrible dark place is a known as' juvenile Block 'hut."

Murong Chaplain smiled.

"Zhi Block? At how young is a dark terror? Sometimes I would to the restaurant to restaurant, I sit is BLAIR

Block. "He said:" As far as I know, in private VIP guests are usually prepared for the local. "

By watching his dream, read long time before we gently tone of a sigh.

"When you start Institute ruse?" She said: "As far as I know, such as your son you, usually disdain in the

The cheating. "

Murong like Chaplain smile barely has begun to become somewhat "Are you talking about what other meaning in private?"

She intracardiac him.

"You should know that, in a jail in the Ministry of Punishment one of the most幽秘a dark corner, with three to two very special AGB room,

To honor is especially like you to please VIPs such a distinguished guest of dignitaries prepared. "


"I also know that you sent to special reception where guests to the hospitality of Mr. Wei, it is very hospitable, he received guests

The method, often even dreamed Unexpectedly. ”


"It is said that, one has练成imperviable铁布衫十三太保Cross Trainer of quack hero, in private to your guests

Three days later, by the time he would like to climb up the favorite to women who are爬不上去. "

Murong the tone Chaplain sigh: "It looks like you know a lot of things really."

He said: "But I do not know that you came to me this is the one I want in private invited guests from out? Also

I is the one for you in private VIP to go? "

Also due to dream eyes immediately filled with怨毒.

"There is a person who I do not want him dead, I also want to make him at least another two years, seven months of living 13 days."

She suddenly俯下who hold Murong Chaplain hands! "You must promise me that this must be some time in private, well

Good for him, he wanted to die every day, but死不了. "

Murong the Chaplain quietly watching this woman before him, it is carefully watching her every expression of a change after a long time

It asked: "Who? Why hate him?" He voices were difficult to capture with the elimination satirized the intention being drafted

Then see: "Actually, you do not say that I know."

"Know what?"

"Spent wrong." Murong Chaplain said: "You like to do so, of course, is to spend wrong."

Because of the dream suddenly clenched hands, and even that section and have been forced by Blushing.

"Spent wrong," she eyes straight stare at him: "You will know how to spend wrong?"

Murong suddenly exposed Chaplain face a very childish smile: "I do not know how to spend wrong, I was bad from an early age

Nuclear He even worse than I am also. I believe that this world who probably never understand him better than I do, if not for

He kind of men you how willing to abandon me? "


Flower wrong, male, 29-year-old, wide-shoulder, slender waist and narrow hip. A pair of eyes that looks like Bi-green, like

So some people say that he is non - Han nationalities, Hu Jia to the Persian trafficking in Turkey to satin silk jewelry left behind by the future generations. He had been repaired

The enemies even said he is just a cheap prostitutes born hybrids.

For all these legends, spent entirely germanium does not care. But there is one thing that he can not be denied, he born on the wrong


The first mistake, the mistake of the wrong he should not live to the world of.

He simply does not know who his parents are? He has never seen them, not even their names are unknown

Road, he only knows, the first person he knew was his干妈.

He less than three years old at that time.

The second mistake is wrong in his fundamental should not have such kind of a干妈.

In his mother, grew up white,冶艳, bright and beautiful, slender legs, eyes bright. A left Jianghuai盐运Road

Pupa, so it logical to become a home-Giant million widows. It is said that she would eat the menu, there is speculation blindly

Canary's tongue.

Flowers has never been wrong not know, is how he will be the adoptive family? He only knew that his 14-year-old, already

A child has not.

After he was more wrong, more wrong awakening is even more profound, more and more women have experienced.

By the time his 16-year-old is already a very famous prodigal son.

Prodigal son of a famous, often for many ministries very unusual experience.

The prodigal son of a well-known by the accumulated experience to the price for the others could not imagine that.

So spend less than 20-year-old wrong before, in all the political arena has become rich孀贵妇and some lonely women were recovering

PV target.

So spend more wrong wrong because he身不由己.

Money, fame, the enjoyment, to intelligence, he can resist. But if someone should be using the powers of a very secret skills

In exchange for his services, he fools of.


He likes knife from childhood, perhaps because of a knife and his life's class level is closely related.

From childhood on the wrong flower hope he can hold the hands of all-conquering world unparalleled scene of快刀.

Spent most wrong is wrong this point, because there is simply no such kind of a knife.

-- "Invincible" This word simply does not exist, it is only arrogant and presumptuous of certain people, a kind of magic mind

McGREGOR, sooner or later they are bound to die in their own in this illusion.

Flower wrong is no exception.

He desperately to find that the knife does not exist at all, tirelessly, unscrupulous, regardless of all.

In the political arena, he had offended people, or even better than many would like to tell the woman he go to bed less.

Because dreams are in the "雪村" could recognize him,雪村is a large courtyard of a thorough understanding of the United States, but also his wife spent countless snow in the industry


His wife, of course, is to spend snow spend wrong干妈.

Because she had warned the dream: "I like you, you are a迷死the little girl, but I urge you now or quickly follow

Good. "


"Because I respect that beloved son is going back, you might be advisable not to see him."

"Why do I not see him?" With a dream of challenging for the甜笑: "Is he would bite me one?"

"He will not bite you, he would have to swallow your连皮bone." Ice Flower Lady, said: "You must believe me, this

野孩子naturally have the charisma to attract the girls, even when his three-year-old has already surfaced. "

Her bright sharp eyes suddenly become very gentle.

"At that time he was Wanniba street, I just blocked the road, I originally wanted to put this dirty children踢开,

But he suddenly looked up to me笑了笑. "Ice wife spent more gentle voice:" Police were searching for the children of this dirty

On the烂泥seemed to suddenly disappear all at once, all of a sudden turned into a lovely white jade dolls, "

"So you immediately decided to adopt him?"

"Yes." Flower Lady, said: "For this issue, I have never had regrets."

"I have never regretted doing things for." Because of Dreams said: "If I met a man, no matter who he is, being swallowed

To, I usually will not. "She very sweet smile, but the smile Shi meaning they are more obvious challenge more strongly, because it

Hou when she had seen a man walk down.

A tall upright man of thin build, clear outline of the face, a pair of green eyes like cats, also with the eyes of challenges

The meaning is watching her.

They smiled at each other in this moment of staring, his wife spent on the snow tragedy has been found to have occurred.

These two individuals has such相像, it can be said is the same type of people, so to avoid each other like two people were

Other attractive than simply to one pair of conjoined twins separated more difficult.

If unavoidable, then these two individuals, there will inevitably be their lust to be caused by the flame burning. 4

"Yes! I was to spend wrong." Because of Dreams said: "The first thing I saw him from the beginning, I knew my life had been

Belong to him, but I know that he has a kind of feeling. "

Her voice seemed from afar: "However, just in that moment, my heart also" has a vaguely ominous portent,

Of course, I can not say for what, but I find that our enemy is too many, his enemies and my enemies. "

Murong Chaplain interrupt her words.

"You will have enemies?" He watched her eyes带笑: "I recall that you have been able to deal with every person well

, Regardless of men women are the same. "

"But after I married him, like the next." Because of Dreams, said: "This is the you understand."

"Yes, I fully understand that." Murong轻叹: "To be honest, when I know that you have two people together,

Further, even I have some hate you. "

"Now?" Because of Dreams asked him: "Now you are not there is another point hate me?"

"It did not and now I feel like I have nothing, and seems to have the old people can do the grandfather." Murong

Deliberately Tanzhaoqi said: "One has already done a grandfather who is not jealous of."

"You simply will not be jealous, no one will be a dead jealous."

Murong's eyes睁大, but pupil contraction.

"Is it wrong to spend died?"

"Everybody will die." Dream because of the cold voice: "spent at least is the wrong individuals."

"How he died?"

"Dead in刀下."

"Murong Chaplain dejected sigh:" Why are like knives, usually die in刀下, why let you sad people

You always liked people. "

"This is probably because people like you only can hurt you." Because that dream.

Originally, it is a very sad case, but instead Murong after Chaplain hear laughter, and laughter very children


"Who says you do not like people will not be able to hurt you?" He asked for Dream: "Do you like the flowers wrong to kill that person, it is difficult

Road he did not hurt you? "

He stood up, patted the shoulder due to dream.

"You must remember that some sounds are learning so, in fact all of farting, it is very very stinky smell of屁.

Murong Chaplain said: "Therefore we had better start talk about more practical things."

"What happened?"

"If I agreed to your request, how kind you prepared to repay me?"

Because dream start hesitation, but no escape, because she know that this issue is inescapable.

She挺起胸, open heart Murong, one word a word: "You ready to how I repay you?"

"I am as long as your word."

"What kind of sentence then?"

"I told you once said.

"Did you want me to promise you, as long as you after something came to me, I have a Kou do for you."

"Yes." Murong Chaplain said: "This is the son."

Because of his dream of seeing, the eyes reveal a hint of terrorist means, but it was soon hatred and怨毒replaced.

"All right, I promise you." Made very sure because of Dreams: "As long as I promised them and think that, I have never forgotten

Remember. "

"It has very good."

Murong very happy Chaplain smile: "You have to work to my guests who, now where?"

Because Dream ask: "You have to honor him in private, when can we ready?"

"Three days." Murong very sure Chaplain said: "As long as most three days."

"Said sure?"

"I have." Murong Chaplain: "We are the masters in private hospitality Mr. Wei has been acting quickly is a person."

"It has very good."

Because of a dream she Cup in drinking wine: "within three days, I will be handed over to the guests who you."

She has stood up for going out, then he will she Huanzhu.

"You What is the name of the VIP who?"

"You do not need to know his name." Because of Dreams said: "As long as you remember that he is a very special guests enough

The. "

She said: "I hope you also remember Mr. Wei hospitality." 5

Hospitality Wei, male, 51-year-old, unmarried. Face Qingxiu, such as hands and feet petite girls, humpback鸡胸, is dissatisfied with the five

Ulnar. As long as people have seen is a one, it is very easy to forget the people.

He is Huainan "Yingzhaomen" successor of the most successful one, powers and achievements of the highest in both his power and 72 roads Yingzhaosu

Small capture hand, many years ago had already been recognized as the Emperor in a must.

His hand, it appears that although the petite weak, and Retention very long fingernails, but as long as his hand, it will have become

The murder weapon.

He vegetarian, never soiled荤腥, he is the cook in the previous four jungle, the most famous plot incense kitchen.

戒绝tobacco and alcohol, never gambling, and more for a woman is not interested, he did not think that this world a woman is clean

And he usually regarded women as "rubbish."

But he chooses is a very particular about the enjoyment of the people, the language training and temperament sell the attainments of the deep, even academician

Court can be very few people in both comparable.

No matter what kind of standards, he can certainly be regarded as a monster.

It is unexpected is that in the eyes of the monster, he also has a worship idols, his worship of this man, like

Like a passionate worship of girls like her dream white.

This person is Murong Chaplain.

Wei wearing his hospitality in Beijing class tailoring a custom where the纯黑silk shirt, sit-called "days in" the Ministry of Punishment

Jail, a dark small courtyard, sitting in one color has become深褐the竹椅on.

Nearly winter, the cold late autumn晚风already.

Wei hospitality is not cold.

Especially at this point in time, he not only do not feel that cold, but feel that there is a hot Italy, and from his heart disperse, scattered into the four

Limb, the interphalangeal casual, casual income鼻端, scattered into the eyes.

Even his eyes have been due to heat and redness.

Whenever he would do something he knows he can stimulate things, he. He will feel that the body has a

Italy shares the heat rises.

Today he has this feeling, because Murong Chaplain told him, another very special guest in private to come to his


It was during this time that she saw Murong accompany a Chaplain of Mongolia黑纱woman walk previous one.

She is of a very high, wearing a very, very long black windbreaker, Wei hospitality not only see his face, not even the

See any other part of her, even her hand is invisible.

But he already felt she kind慑人beautiful.

She apparently also黑纱after watching him this short and deformed people.

Wei hospitality know, we can imagine that with her vision of what kind of watching him.

Everyone saw the first time he will use this hints given to see him. -- Such a mild kind-hearted dwarf,

Why allow the most violent political arena intrepid恶徒are both afraid of him so.

Perhaps this problem can be answered only his own, because only he himself knows, as if his body will always be a dioxin

The power of the devil as a reminder to him, he made some even can not think he would have done things like this from the force

A hell of a mysterious curse.

Of course, Mongolia黑纱woman is a result of dreams, he has to wait until she observed very carefully, Murong only for her primer Chaplain


"This is the master in private hospitality Mr. Wei." Murong very pleased that the Chaplain said with a smile: "I can assure him hospitality

Name absolutely false. "

Wei also laughed hospitable, humble and sincere smile in the face of Murong he always Chaplain son of this paradox.

"I just simply do our best, I just hope that the guests will be able to my satisfaction."

Murong Chaplain laugh: "Unfortunately, they seem to like you or not."


Because of the cold Dream Sound audio Murong blade cut off as a laugh: "I believe that now a gallery Kou already know: Here again,

- VIP to come, but fear of paternity in a long time here. "

"Yes." Hospitality Wei said: "I know that."

"I believe you must know, the guests are invited me, I told him of course, of particular interest."

"Of course."

"Well, I wanted to ask you a few things." Wei asked for hospitality dream: "He has to have the opportunity here after escape

? "

He replied: "probably not."

Wei hospitable attitude remains the same humility: "I was invited to the distinguished guest here, as there usually are very land

The position, I have been here 11 years, the distinguished guest has been invited 130 number, I can guarantee that if I

Any them that a person's name out in the political arena will lead to a very small in the unrest. "

"They have no one can逃得out?"

"No." Wei hospitality smile: "Even a no."

"If they want to die? Is not to die?"

"Lady, you must believe me, death is not an easy task,越想death of people, there is always the Vietnam refuses

The. "

Wei hospitable smile more moderate: "Lady, if you want a person in my two years in private in question is 13 days in July,

I will never let him live a less chrono: "

"Do you guarantee that?"


Murong Chaplain exposing his face and the kind of unique and elegant smile: "You have now is not the hospitality of our

The owner completely satisfied with? "He asked for dreams." Yes. "

"What you have is not able to please our guests who come?"

"." 6

Wei hospitality often like he is a "no", the name he is very appropriate, he indeed can be called a

A "no" because the majority of the world's things he did not.

He has no parents, no wife, no brothers, no sisters, no friends.

The most important thing is he did not have emotions, what kind of feelings did not, of course, there will be no more sympathy and compassion that kind of love


But when he saw the plane kept黑纱woman brought the distinguished guest, he even had a vague mind the feel miserable


This person has already can not be regarded as a person, he looks just like worse than a heap of garbage.

This person is mounted on. Inside a canvas bag, was carried in.. After one look at him, Murong already Chaplain

Turn head, could not bear to look at.

If Wei hospitality is a "no", then this person can be counted as a "disappeared" person.

Because he had a lot of parts have disappeared.

His hair and eyebrows have been shaved, his eyes have become a slightly protruding two of the semicircle, and only one above

Gap, will never again open the two joints.

He still lips, but if you扳开his mouth, they will discover that his tongue from his mouth disappeared.

Wei hospitality did not see it, turned to dreams because of the very mild and polite bow.

"Lady, I am afraid I may say so."

"What then? You said."

"Actually, you do not have to the guests invited me in private, to this, your hospitality and services, he is thoughtful enough

The. "

Due to feel that dream seems to be absolutely no hint of that in his remarks can be regarded as very demeanor almost the讥嘲of Italy, and the only hint

Said: "I admit that you said right, I sent him here, but because I simply没法子honor him so long,

I hope he can be here better treatment. "

"Lady, you know that I will certainly do our best." Hospitality Wei said: "there is one thing I would like to ask his wife."

"What happened?"

"I see that we face the VIP has been transformed, I have not seen for many years so sophisticated hand

Arts, I really would like to know which one is a masterpiece of master? "

"You really want to know?"


Because of the cold dream, said: "In fact, you should also know that not between, in addition to Zhuge doctor outside Who?"

Murong Chaplain HUO Ran back of the eyes with amazing color: "Zhuge doctor?" Because he dreams of: "are you referring to Zhuge

Aw? "

"Yes, I am talking about is his."

Murong Chaplain laughed, smiled shook his head.

"You only like a beautiful, so noble doubt, it is a very bad thing, unfortunately you said

So, I do not think it will not suspected.


"It is because I am aware of Mr. Zhuge people." Very disgusted with Murong Chaplain: expression read看那VIP's face:

"For example, this type of thing, he probably will not do."

Due to open his dream, hints given cold.

"I also know your people, your identity and status, and will by no means have done I want you to do this type of thing,

Unfortunately, you just do. "

Colder her voice, a word a word added.

"I do you for this kind of thing, because you owe me it is now time to time you must be repaid

The. "7


Stand in front of the windows, in the face of the window vastness of the清冷and darkness, because the two firms could feel dream than晚风colder tears slow

Man's shed cheek.

She knows she has changed.

Because she no longer has the hearts of love and gratitude, and only seek revenge REQUEST

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